“Copenhagen” is released today!

Like punchdrunk October flies in pointless rapture
Dancing one final dance before the capture
We are awkward and shakey as we move closer
We only want to fling ourselves down

from Making Circles, Copenhagen

Copenhagen is now available for digital download and CD purchase on my Bandcamp-powered site, aswell as being up on iTunes and Amazon MP3.

This album has really been a labour of love for Ross and I. We’ve made it over the last 2 years, and really I started writing the songs a few years before that. I feel so lucky to have found such a creative soulmate in Ross, we work so well together. I’d like also to thank Andrew Simone, who worked furiously long hours to code my website, and India Amos who so beautifully designed the CD booklet. Big cheers also to Tom Pope and Ethan Winogrand, magnficent drummers both, who played on this record from either side of the Atlantic freaking ocean. Thanks to everyone who has shown their enthusiasm and support and encouragement. You loving the record is what it is all about.

So this is the time to spread the word. You can go out into the street and shout about it, or if you are more mild mannered you might consider dropping a link into your Facebook or Twitter feed, or blog. Forward this email to your friends! (They can also sign up to my mailing list)

Easy ways to spread the word: embed my music player on your blog or facebook page!

On my music page, just click the ‘share’ button and grab the code, it’s as easy as embedding a youtube video. You can also just link to it on Facebook and the player automatically shows.  It is now also possible to embed the entire track list, which is better for blogs than facebook, but lets you choose which songs you want to listen to without having to skip over anything. A bunch of you have already posted the link and player to your Facebook page and thank you so much for your support, now’s when it’s really needed!

Finally, just a note or two about the great Elsewhere On The Internet.

The 8 page booklet that comes with the CD is made from a vast archive of photographs I took in Copenhagen, North Carolina, Barcelona and New York, and they evoke the life I lived in Copenhagen. You can also see them in a flickr slideshow on my photo page, and more photos on my Flickr page. I’ve been posting photographs matched with individual songs from the album on Clusterflock all week, you can find them all in a row, here with more to come there over the next couple of days.

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Copenhagen is the story of one girl’s adventures in a strange and cold land. And now it is awake.

Thank you all,

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