So now I feel like making contact with people who have heard my music and would like to be in touch with me, let me know where they are, and if you’d like me to come play in your town and that kind of thing. I’m feeling the need to get out and tour this year and I’d love to come where I’m welcome.

I have my own favourite places of course, big and small, with very different energies in each place. That’s what I love about travelling, touring: the opportunity to meet these different textures, get out there in front of the people who want to be there, and rock and roll.

So there’s a number of ways you can get in touch. I am accepting friend requests on Facebook. If you are a complete nutter I reserve the right to not accept your friend request, but otherwise, come swing by, say hello, I’d love to meet you there.

I also recommend you join my mailing list. I send out about one a month and if you want to hear about where I’m playing and what I’m planning and what’s going down and what’s flying around, then sign up. You won’t be pestered endlessly by me and I’ll do my best to entertain you. I like writing my newsletters, it’s fun. You can sign up here.

And then there’s twitter, Flickr, an rss feed and tweet/facebook buttons I’m going to set up on this front page soon.

Come say hi, for Christ’s sake.

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