Lucy Foley at Pianos

Our gig in Pianos, NYC on the 21st was incredible. It rounded off one of the most fun and focussed weeks of my life. It has been incandescently fun, I LOVE MY BAND, I love you New York.

I love playing with this band, a fine bunch of rock n roll gentlemen, all. Our rehearsals are a blast, as was playing with them live on WFMU, knowing people were listening in live all over the world was a thrill and then we got to shake our thing loose at Pianos. Thank you to everyone who came down, or was there in spirit. I felt you there. It just rocked. I enjoyed every second of it. I can’t wait to get out and do it again.

Right now, this week, I’m writing.

We’re about to chop up the video that was shot at both wfmu and Pianos and I’ll be posting stuff soon but if you haven’t seen them, these photos – shot by the lovely Iamos – evoke some of the atmosphere of the gig.

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