Hello folks

I’ll be performing with my band on Thursday in a club on the lower east side. If you are in the NYC area and free that night I would be greatly glad to see you there. It’s this Thursday, March 22nd at 10pm in Fat Baby, 112 Rivington street, NY NY 10002.

My first gig of this year was in fan/friend Ana’s house on a typical rainy night in Dublin. Her house was packed to the gills with lovely people and great listeners all. Ross and I performed as a duo to candlelight and we all had a blast together. We flew back to New York the very next morning.

Next gig back in NYC was in early February and New York Music Daily blog gave it a very enthusiastic review. We’re just raring to go, now.

So, since I wrote to you last, I got married (last September, in New York, to Ross), and my parents came to New York for the first time. While he was here, my dad Charles played piano on a version of a favourite Irish song of mine that we recorded together. It’s a folk melody called My Lagan Love, if you’re Irish you’ll probably know it well. I used to think about this song all the time when I lived in Dublin, I finally started to sing it when I lived in Copenhagen, probably in 2004. I’d go into the forest and sing it there, usually. My grandfather died in 2006 and I sang it at his funeral. This song has always had a strong resonance for me, and I’m surprised it has taken me this long to actually record it. We did this version very quickly, live in the studio. Ross contributed some lovely undertones to it and it’s now streaming on my bandcamp page, with a photo of me taken in Washington Square Park on my wedding day, when a cockatoo landed on my shoulder (I think there was a white on white love thing going on).

I sang it at my last gig at the Parkside Lounge, and I will probably sing it again on Thursday night (10 o’clock!), before my band and I kick into our set of raucously poetic love songs. Yet again, I will be joined by this thrilling band of gentlemen: Ross Bonadonna on guitar, Gavin Smith on keys and horn, Andy Mattina on bass and Tom Pope on drums.

See you soon (Thursday, I hope).


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