I’ve been away in Ireland and London all summer and there were many adventures with thrilling and dastardly moments and now we’re back in New York and we’re getting ready for the second EVER performance of Songs For People I Will Never See Again, which will receive its Brooklyn premiere on September 28th at 7:45 pm at a favourite haunt of ours, Freddy’s bar at 627 Fifth avenue in Brooklyn.

I’ll be performing a slightly different selection of stories than the first performance at apexart, the likelihood is that they will be more heart wrenching than the first lot and the roar of ecstacy at the end might be a little more raucous than in an art gallery context. :

Performing with her four headed, multi-armed rock and roll dragon, Lucy Foley brings her rousing music, video and story-filled show Songs For People I Will Never See Again to Freddy’s for its Brooklyn premiere. Ecstatic, sad and true stories of highly unusual alliances and quiet revolutions in unlikely places.

If you feel this might suit you down to the ground, you’re very welcome to join us, we’d love to see you there. You are what makes it fun for me, you see.

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