New Bandcamp page

September 01, 2010

New release date: Friday October 1st! I’ve had to postpone the release by 3 weeks due to lots of thorough work taking longer than planned but you can already purchase the CD on the music bandcamp page for pre-orders, and every CD order comes with an IMMEDIATE free download of the full album so you can listen to it to your heart’s content…

The checkout is powered by Paypal and you can also purchase the album with your credit card. All pre-orders will be fulfilled on or near-as-dammit to the release date of October 1st and the download-only version of the album will be available there on October 1st aswell. Meanwhile, the latest masters are streaming there so you can listen as much as you like!

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“Copenhagen” cover art now up on photo page!

August 25, 2010

The album cover art for Copenhagen is now in a slideshow on the photo page. It has been beautifully designed by India Amos using my photographs and lyrics. She has done an amazing job, I am so excited to see it when we get the whole package back from the disc maker people.

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Copenhagen out September 10th

August 12, 2010

I am very happy to declare Friday, September 10th the release date of my new – deboo! – album, Copenhagen. It’s been a lot of work and love and it’s so great to be finally releasing it into the world. You can listen to and download a high quality mp3 of Copenhagen right now on my music page for the peasly price of $6, and you will be able to buy the cd also from my music page from September 10th for $10. The cd is packaged with a 6 page booklet of my photographs and lyrics, and it is looking so beautiful right now, we’re really excited about it.

My music page is powered by Bandcamp, who make a really beautiful and solid interface with full streaming audio and you can pay with Paypal or credit card, Amex etc. I buy music on Bandcamp regularly now and I’ve used them to power The 2 Train’s EP, and have been really very impressed with the smoothness of the operation, and their loving attention to detail, like the fact that the cover of the album or track shows up in my iPod when I listen to a download from a Bandcamp-powered site.

Of course, the beauty of using Bandcamp for an artist is that after fees, 80% of the sales of the record come directly to me, so you’re really supporting my work by buying it here. I have not yet put the album on iTunes and Amazon because I would rather funnel sales through here first, but ultimately it will be available there too. Very shortly the CD booklet will be included on my music page as a free pdf with download of the album so you can gaze at my photos and read the lyrics. I’m considering making a book of my photographs to tie in with this record too, because I have so many gorgeous photos of my life in Copenhagen, and what I saw when I lived there.

So, go listen! I hope you love it.


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