I was interviewed recently for the Bitches on a Budget blog, which went online this week.

They said:

We love her Irish poetic songwriting style. Her gorgeous voice evokes the Sirens from Ulysses or stories kept secret long ago and never told.

I said:

You do need a kind of faith, though. I don’t mean a religious faith. I mean the kind of faith Lou Reed is talking about when he said, “you need a busload of faith to get by”. It’s hard, working in obscurity. You don’t always have the faith you need to get by, and so you need courage, and you don’t always have that either. And I think most people are trying to learn about that.

I talked about my process of writing songs:

I wrote Kiss You Free (the first single from the album) beginning with the image of “a fresh bunch of longings on your table”. I loved that idea, a bunch of longings sitting in a bowl like a bunch of grapes, and being offered them by the object of my desire, and taking them home with me, until I called to his house again. I found that hilarious in a quiet, dark sort of way. Often an image will be at the heart of a song, and then as I write the song, the story elaborates, and becomes almost cinematic, very pictorial… My songs and my photographs are populated by the same people, people who look like they are living in old fairytales but they are real, complicated, alive… Sometimes it’s a question of getting a glimpse of an intimate moment in somebody else’s life, when no one else is looking.

Read the full interview here.

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